Kids’ program


Harmen and Bregje

The kids Harmen and Bregje bring history to life for the youngest visitors. Embark on an adventure with these two friends who lived in the year 1627!

Scouting terrain

During the Battle for Grolle, on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, Scouting group “Groenlo” organises a special program for kids who visit the town centre of Groenlo.

Each day, from 10:00AM till 5:00PM they open the gates. There all kinds of activities that you can do. Have you ever wanted to know how to create your own candles or jewellery? Would you like to make your own wooden coins using fire, brew your own lemonade, or are you in need of a catapult? Make sure to stop by at the “Jongensstad” terrain, located in the “Gasthuisstraat”.

But in case you are not someone who likes to craft, there is still lots of other things you can do. What about a run in a cable car, bow and arrow shooting, rotate in your home-built carousel, or race across the survival course? What about sitting at the campfire enjoying a sandwich or a bowl of popcorn? Or have your picture taken, dressed in 17th century clothing?

All these activities, and lots more, are organised by “Scouting Groenlo” assisted by a big group of volunteers. No entry fee is requested. The outdoor life the kids will experience, is what it is all about

scouting kinderactiviteiten

Play for the Chika foundation located at “de Boompjeswal” and “Lieveldestraat”

This year, again, the Chika foundation is helping out with the kids activities of the Battle for Grolle. The purpose for the Chika foundation, originated in nearby village “Lichtenvoorde”, is to support education, sports and games for kids in developing countries.

In order to collect the money needed, people from the Chika foundation, will work during the three days of the Battle for Grolle. Visiting kids can, together with their parents, go on a scavenger hunt through the year 1627. During the hunt, they can join in in games like: ring riding, draw a board game with charcoal, or look for the needle in the haystack. Next to these activities they can bake their own bread at the campfire, but not before they sawed their own wood the old-fashioned way.

At the cost of a free donation you can join these activities and by doing so, help children in developing countries to a brighter future.








Foto: Marcel Houwer

_MG_3469 Colin Ebbers

Foto: Colin Ebbers