Merchants entertainment and crafts

Image yourself being in the town centre of Groenlo, back in the year 1627


Discover, In the centre of the town, an abundance of old crafts. The artisans and craftsmen love to show you what they make and how they make it. Not just fun to watch but also educational for both children (and adults)!

Learn to spin your own wool, light a fire with old-fashioned lighters or have your scissors sharpened at a real scissors-grinder. Watch the making of wooden shoes, see a leather tanner at work, or watch a tailor make clothes the historical way. Learn how paper was produced and how book binding resulted into thick books. Have your hair braided or watch the falconer’s show and don’t believe your eyes.

Furthermore, there is plenty to buy: from historical writing equipment to candles, herbs, essential oils, clothes and weaponry. Snoop around the stands and be amazed by all the historical and the today’s merchandise.


Fantashion Fabrics and clothing La Case à Couture Fabrics and clothing
Jan Jankaj Swords etc. Rainer mit seinem Weib Kids entertainment: knights
Adrie van Gessel Hats and historical goods Fa. Manuela Schenk (E. Fuchs) Wooden toys and fantasy clothes for kids
Spartacus Historical weapons etc. SPA Boeken (Hiddekamp) Historical books
Knochenschnitzer Bülles Bone/horn worker Zsigmond Adamffy Historical clothing etc.
Augustinern (Heynrich & Corina) HIstorical clothing etc. Rinies Vilt Felt work
Armory Marek Narsilion Historical clothing etc.
Frank Diekman Crafty woodwork Willy der Degenschleifer Historical grinder
Mytholon Historical clothing Fellwerk Fur work
Omnigenus Mirabilis Historical wooden objects Stanios Shoe Shoemakers
Odins Spear (Krystian) Historical re-enactment Welniany Kram (filt) Felt hat worker
Ans Worst Sausage trade Helena Re-enactor Ceramics paining
Ravelin Historical clothing etc. Lichterzieher Candle worker
Zbroje Weapon equipment Luděk Hugo Vobořil Historical trade and smithy
Cooper’s Choice Miscellaneous Simon Hinkley Miscellaneous
Institorium Grzegorz Kursa Re-enactment historical trade Mulberry Dyer Wool dyeing
Merchandise Merchandse Battle for Grolle



De Flierefluiter Medieval music Ganzen uit Gelselaar Goose herding
Klankenkaravaan Medieval music Hailander Historical music
Jannes de Goochelaar Magician Stadspijpers Den Bosch Historical music
Feuerjongleuse Juggler Wronghel en Wei Historical music
Nederlandse vestingsteden Promotion fortified cities Baroen Kids entertainment
Ezelstal de Edelingen Donkey rides Tryzna – Michal Matynia Medieval music
Geleerd ende Ghenoten Historical cooking Joanne van Zadelhoff: roofvogel Falconer
Voor Galg en Rad Street theatre Riesenrad Divers vermaak
Stichting Chica Kids entertainment Watergeuze Various entertainment
G. Voerman Historical painter Fotopresentatie Mattelier
Scouting Kids entertainment Theater van de Droom Street theatre




Harry en Corry ambachten Woodwork Koperslagerij Rikie Wopereis Leather tanner
Touwslagerij Eric van Sark Rope work Leerlooier B. Beuting Leather tanner
Schmied Thomas Hammer Smithy Vrienden van Oude Ambachten Various crafts
Papiermaecker + Boekenbinder Paperwork Salzsieder Hindrik de Sölter Historical salt trader
Geeske kleermaker Paperwork Beleef het verleden wolbewerking Historical salt trader
te Koppel Copper work / Lead work Ton Verheyen Clogs maker
De Papieren Eenhorn Historical bookbinding Smederij Roodbaert Clogs maker
Ambachtgroep Vroeger Various trades Małgorzata Krasna-Korycińska Handcraft / Hair braiding
Gerberei Csendes Leather work Scherenschleifer Scissor and knife grinder
Historische Feuerzeuge Historical “lighters” Brillen Antik Create Historical glasses
die Netzerin Hair netting Windermere Crocheting of shawls
Vlas spinnen Lorijn Flax spinning Annie Hulshof Grolsche Mittens knitting
De Gouden Moer Distillery