Fotograaf: Colin Ebbers

Fotograaf: Colin Ebbers

Experience the Battle for Grolle…

Every 2 years, the Battle for Grolle takes place in Groelo, the Netherlands. The next edition will take place in the autumn of 2019. During 3 days and nights the whole town of Groenlo will breathe the spirit of the Battle for Grolle and you as a visitor can expect to see a chockfull, exciting and beautiful program. Between 10:00AM and 5:00PM the center of the town will be a pedestrian only area, where you can experience the every day life, watch children activities, enjoy great dining in style, while following the Battle for Grolle.

Here you will find pictures and aftermovies of the previous edition.


Every day life

Leven van alledagFancy yourself back in the year 1627. All streets are decorated and everywhere you’ll encounter the best entertainment. Not only citizens from Groenlo, but also professional entertainment groups are moving along the streets, creating a beautiful and authentic atmosphere. Complete ranches and even a windmill contribute to the complete experience. The food service industry is also turning back to 1627, with cooking pots on wooden fires, a traveling goods market, and by serving food as if it were still 1627. There is also a marketplace with demonstrations of old trades and sales of local products.


Slag om GrolleThe Battle for Grolle is just the perfect trip for a day out with the family. Scattered throughout the town, all kinds of children activities are available for the kids to join in. The kids can also play, to their heart’s content, at the scouting group terrain where the “Harmen en Bregje” play is performed and where they can watch how children played in 1627. When this is also combined with a visit to the firing range (“Schootsveld”), where you and your kids can watch ‘real’ soldiers in battle, their day out will be one to remember for a long time.


Battle for Grolle/Firing range

Slag om GrolleThroughout the day you can watch demonstrations on the firing range (“Schootsveld”), explore the trenches, watch riots, skirmishes and fights between the re-enactors of the Spanish- and Dutch (“Staatse”) side. Over 1500 re-enactors will be fighting, divided over the Spanish- and Staatse side, the Staatse side under the leadership of Frederik Hendrik. Fights with roaring canons, peaks, rapiers and muskets, and horses, specially trained for these kinds of conditions. Will Frederik Hendrik succeed in recapturing Grol from the Spaniards?