Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the frequently asked questions below before you send us your questions via email. Because we are very busy making the final arrangements for the event, it might take up to 3 days to get back to you via e-mail. Below you may find the answer you are looking for.

Where does the Battle for Grolle actually takes place?

The Battle for Grolle takes place at the firing range (Schootsveld), at about 10 minutes walking distance from the town center.

I bought my ticket online but do not have a printer. Am I allowed to scan my e-ticket using my phone?

Yes, you are allowed to do so. Your scanned ticket will give you access to the event.

I bought a ticket for the wrong day, is there anything I can do to correct this?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to reimburse your ticket, nor is it possible to convert your e-ticket to a different day of the event.
The best thing for you to do is to give away, or sell your ticket to someone else.

Am I allowed to bring my car or bicycle into the town center?

No, during the duration of the event you have to park your car or bicycle outside of the canals.

Am I allowed to use the Battle for Grolle logo in my media communications?

This is prohibited, but you can ask for an exception through
In your request for exception, please provide us with clear information regarding the means of communication and to what purpose or for which commercial means you want to use the logo.

I want to apply for a press card, is that possible?

Yes, here you can apply for a press card

Am I allowed to use a drone for making images from the sky?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Any violations will be immediately reported to the police.

I want to handout flyers of my own event during the Battle for Grolle. Is this allowed?

No, this is prohibited, not only on the entire event area, but also in the town center, the firing range and also on all parking lots.