Compagnie Grolle defends the “Starcke Stadt Groll”

The Compagnie Grolle was founded at the end of the last century as part of the Prince’s army. So, a State’s compagnie. The most natural thing in the world; nobody actually thought about it.

After the first Battle of Grolle event, in 2005, there were only a few people who questioned if it was not strange that regular “Achterhoek” Catholic boys attacked and shot at their own city. It was still at that time in 2005, that Prince Frederick Henry and his State army were considered, unconditionally by everyone, as liberators.

But as the years went by, that picture changed slowly. We started to look at history less and less “through Dutch glasses”. Groenlo and Lichtenvoorde were originally not part of the Duchy of Gelre, but of the Diocese of Munster. That also explains why people from Groenlo are (still) predominantly Catholic, unlike all surrounding municipalities. It became more and more clear that in 1627 the people of Grol were actually quite satisfied under the Spanish regime.

At the last general assembly of members of the Compagnie Grolle, the upcoming Battle of Grolle was of course on the agenda. After a short discussion, it was unanimously decided that starting with the upcoming Battle of Grolle, The Compagnie Grolle will fight on the Spanish side, in defense of our own “Starcke Stadt Groll”.

During the Battle of Grolle you will find our camp on “the Kanonswal” in the middle of our Spanish fellow fighters.

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