Frequently asked questions

Please check the frequently asked questions below before you send us your questions via email. Below you may find the answer you are looking for.

Veelgestelde vragen

I have problem buying a ticket/didn’t receive my confirmation message. What should I do?

If you have problems buying a ticket of haven’t received your confirmation message, please contact

I bought a ticket for the wrong day, is there anything I can do to correct this?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to reimburse your ticket, nor is it possible to convert your e-ticket to a different day of the event. The best thing for you to do is to give away, or sell your ticket to someone else.

I bought my ticket online but do not have a printer. Am I allowed to scan my e-ticket using my phone?

Yes, you are allowed to do so. Your scanned ticket will give you access to the event.

I live in the inner city of Groenlo, do I need a ticket?

Residents of the inner city of Groenlo do not need a ticket – more information of residents can be found on the page “Informatie voor binnenstadbewoners” (only in Dutch).

Can I pay by debit card on the parking lot?

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay by card at the parking lot. Also, we do not have change for notes larger than €20,- so please keep this in mind.

We advice our visitors to purchase a parking ticket in advance via our webshop.

During the Battle for Grolle

Is there a lot of noise form the battlefied?

Cannons and muskets make a lot of noise with every shot. People who are sensitive to this may want to buy/bring earplugs. These are sold near the battlefield. Please take this into consideration when visiting the Battle for Grolle with (young) children.

Can I take my dog to the Battle for Grolle?

We do not recommend taking your pet to the Battle of Grolle. At the battlefield dogs can get upset by the loud bangs. In addition, it is undesirable if they do their relief on or near the goods, buildings or in the camps. Thank you for your understanding.

Where does the Battle for Grolle actually takes place?

The Battle for Grolle takes place at the firing range (Schootsveld), at about 10 minutes walking distance from the town center.

Is the Molenberg accessible?

Yes, the Molenberg can be reached via the Ruurloseweg-Ziekenhuisstraat.

To the Battle for Grolle

Am I allowed to bring my car or bicycle into the town center?

No, during the duration of the event you have to park your car or bicycle outside of the canals.

We come by car. Where can we park?

You drive in the direction of Groenlo and follow the signs that you encounter to lead to a nearest parking location. It is not allowed to park at other parking locations than indicated.

I am disabled / disabled, is the Battle easily accessible to me?

You will find a disabled parking space at the Bron in Groenlo. The navigation address of this is Buitenschans 3. At the battlefield there are specific wheelchair places to view the Battle.
In the city center there are wood chips on the street. Experience from previous editions is that this gives no / few problems for wheelchair users. We do our best to make the event easily accessible to them.


I am a photographer, can I take a royalty-free photograph?

es, that is permitted in principle. We kindly ask you to send an e-mail with a link to your online photo album containing (a selection) of your photos after the event. Send it to and state whether we can use these photos in our expressions free of copyright.

Am I allowed to use a drone for making images from the sky?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Any violations will be immediately reported to the police.

Am I allowed to use the Battle for Grolle logo in my media communications?

This is prohibited, but you can ask for an exception through In your request for exception, please provide us with clear information regarding the means of communication and to what purpose or for which commercial means you want to use the logo.

I want to apply for a press card, is that possible?

Yes, here you can apply for a press card at our website. Two weeks before the Battle for Grolle applicants will receive notice whether or not they are allocated a press card.

I want to handout flyers of my own event during the Battle for Grolle. Is this allowed?

No, this is prohibited, not only on the entire event area, but also in the town center, the firing range and also on all parking lots.

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