Good to know

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  • The Battle of Grolle lasts three days: Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October 2019. Admission is requested from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Beyond these hours the event is free of charge.
  • Ticket sales started in July 2022 via the website. Tickets are at a reduced rate up to and including 31 August. Tickets in advance are always cheaper than when tickets are purchased during the event itself. During the weekend at entrance roads and at the downtown ticket booths tickets can be bought.
  • It is possible to leave the premises during the event, but make sure to request a stamp from one of the checkout staff, so that the re-entrance is guaranteed.
  • You pay for the entire event at the outdoor catering with the special Battle of Grolle Dukaat (coin). This coin can also be used at participating cafés and restaurants. Ducats are available at various points at the coin desks. With this coin you support the event and the local hospitality industry.
  • You will find various entertainment throughout the city center where you (or your children) can often participate. Always follow the instructions of the supervisors / craftsmen / entertainers.
  • All around the city you will find camps that are all freely accessible. Enjoy the atmosphere, show respect for re-enactors and their belongings and do not walk unsolicited into tents.
  • The actual simulation of the Battle takes place on the battlefield, within walking distance, just outside the center. You can come here for the entire day. Take into account the (very) loud bangs of canons and guns and at least provide hearing protection for children.
  • Lost property and lost children can be reported to the central post. The exact location will be announced at a later stage.

House rules

  1. Follow the instructions of the personnel / security personnel.
  2. Proof of identity may be requested during access control.
  3. It is forbidden to take or use weapons or drugs during the event.
  4. We do not tolerate unwanted intimacy, racism, aggression, annoying or offensive behavior at the event site. In the event of a violation, the police will be called in immediately.
  5. Glassware is not permitted.
  6. For your own safety, there are cameras at various locations throughout the entire event area.
  7. If a catering ban has been received earlier, access to this event will be denied.
  8. Urinating in the open will be fined.
  9. Help care givers; bicycles belong in the bicycle stands.
  10. In the event of public drunkenness, you will be removed from the event.
  11. In the event of theft, you will be handed over to the police.
  12. In the event of molest, you will be removed from the event.
  13. When evacuating the event, follow the instructions of employees with yellow vests with the text “Sfeerbeheer”
  14. Anyone who enters the event site gives permission to make video, photo and sound recordings that the visitor may appear in or on. The organization may use these recordings for promotional purposes.
  15. Entering the event site is at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for any injury that visitors to the location and / or the event might suffer.
  16. The organization is not liable for theft, damage and / or loss of items.
  17. On the Battlefield, you must remain behind the fence at all.
  18. No alcohol is served to persons under the age of 18.
  19. It is forbidden to make drones fly above the event site.
  20. In situations not covered by these house rules, the organization decides on the possible measures to be taken. The organisation’s decision in this regard is binding.

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