For three days, Groenlo returns to the year 1627. Imagine yourself present in times gone by, personally experience how people lived in those days.

Slag om Grolle - Colin Ebbers - 26 - klein

Music & Theater

In the city, at various places, the liveness of the historic city center is enhanced by music and theater. You might just see a juggler or magician in one of the streets!

Also, don’t forget to pause for a moment to watch the street scenes that stage a farce or perform an Ode to Groenlo. But, watch out for those lepers, beggars, or ladies wearing yellow socks…

Town square “de Wheme”

Something new this year is the arena located in the Town square “de Wheme”. In this arena you will find covered seating areas, a wide range of food and beverage outlets, like you would have found them in 1627. All day long there will be performances, theater, music, demonstrations and marches.

Páv Lučištník - Slag in Grolle 2015 - VQ7A9803

Torchlight processions

On Friday- and Saterday night torchlight processions proceed through the city. Not only Re-enactors take part in these torchlight processions, but also the inhabitants from the city center, who are dressed in historical clothing during the whole weekend. A true spectacle to behold!

The Battlefield

Every afternoon, on the Battlefield, The Battle of Grolle takes place. More than 1500 re-enactors fight ,divided over the State- (“Staatse”) and Spanish sides, the State side being led by Frederik Hendrik. A battle with thundering canons, peaks, rapiers and muskets and horses, who are specially trained for this kind of situation.

Will Fredrik Hendrik succeed in reconquering Grol from the Spaniards?

Daan Bomhof - Slag om Grolle 2017 - 7

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